Your home decor isn’t always perfect for selling. “While your home may be beautifully decorated, it still looks like your home, not the buyer’s,” Teresa Stephenson, vice president of a residential brokerage at Platinum Properties in New York. Clutter, in particular, can make a home feel cramped. “You don’t have to pay to have your home staged, but if you don’t buy into the concept that ‘less is more,’ you’ll pay when it comes time to sell.”

Here are some of my suggestions. All that stuff you love is your stuff, and may actually turn off  potential buyers. Clean things up, especially in the kitchen. Wipe down appliances, take out the garbage. Put away toys. Sweep and vacuum up animal fur. Tidy up bathrooms and bedrooms. Air the place out. Leave a plate of just-baked cookies on the kitchen table (smells good!) Make the place look, feel, and smell inviting, but not too personal. They buyer needs to be able to envision the home as their own with their own stuff in place, not yours.

Contact me today, and we’ll talk about how to make your property look it’s best to prospective buyers.

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